Juston McKee is a chaotic art wizard from San Diego, CA. He likes monsters, magic, and all things rad. He publishes anthologies, art, and zines under the name UPPERMINDINK!He's 1/2 of INKROT STUDIOS where he collaborated with Vi Pham to create their first comic, LICHLANDS: Into the Undervoid! He's also 1/2 of Bubblegum Demons with his wife and fellow artist, Larissa "Para" Galarza.Specialties include: illustration, character design, merch design, inking, coloring, and more! Past clients include: Necromolds, Laika, DLOD, Four Cups Club Coffee, and more!Published work: LICHLANDS: Into the Undervoid, Terror Time, Cactus Juice (Mini Bandits Club), ZArts Zine, Restless Minds, and Digital Lizards of Doom: Level 1 (Papercutz).For all inquiries (including commissions and pricing), please contact me at: uppermindink@gmail.com


A collection of logos/t-shirt designs I've made for clients including: Now or Never Comics in San Diego, CA, Beekeeper Metal, and Necromolds: Battle Monsters Boardgame ! I've designed and printed shirts for my own brand: Uppermind Ink as well. I've also designed an officially licensed shirt for Laika (Kubo and the Two-Strings)!


A variety of comics and zines I've been published in, including self-published zines and anthologies!INK. - 2022 Sketchbook zine - self-published (uppermind ink) - 22 pages of illustrations and comics.Digital lizards of doom! Level 1: Dizzy Doom - 2021 - clover press - Logo Design, layout, and character design.The unwell kingdom: volume 1 - 2020 - crooked cap press - illustratiions, editing, & design.cactus juice - Avatar Charity Zine - 2020 - Mini Bandits club - Single Illustration.terror time - horror zine - 2020 - mini bandits club - single illustration.Restless Minds Anthology series - 2014-2017 - Self-published (uppermind ink) - 3-6 comic pages in each, layout, design, & covers.+tons of other comics + zines including: Zarts zine, hack/slash/burn (oh so gloomy), and the mega crap!



UCSD ANIMEFEST - San Diego, CA - FEB 18th 2023 (UPPERMINDINK).SACANIME SUMMER 2023 - Sacramento, CA - SEP 1st-3rd 2023 (BUBBLEGUM DEMONS).RONIN EXPO - Los Angeles, CA - OCT 21st 2023 (BUBBLEGUM DEMONS).San Diego Anime Con - San Diego, CA - NOV 18th-19th 2023 (UPPERMINDINK).


ANIME LA - Longbeach, CA - JAN 6th-9th 2022 (ROYALLY DIVINE X UPPERMIND INK).anifest - Torrance, CA - APR 2nd 2022 (INKROT STUDIOS).San Diego Comic Fest - San Diego, CA - APR 22nd-24th 2022 (uppermind ink).fangaea con - san diego, ca - may 1st 2022 (Uppermind Ink)UCSD ANIMEFEST - san diego, ca - may 7th 2022 (Uppermind Ink).Now or never comics - local artist showcase - san diego, ca - JUN 25th 2022 (royally divine x Uppermind Ink).Anime Impulse - costa mesa, ca - SEP 3rd-4th 2022 (royally divine x Uppermind Ink).San Diego Zine Fest- San Diego, ca - SEP 17th 2022 (Uppermind Ink).[Checked out 2022 - San Diego, CA - OCT 15th 2022 (Uppermind Ink).